Bouclé SF
a san francisco design studio


Pattern Design

From geos and florals to ditsies and conversationals, Bouclé SF can create just the right repeat pattern for your project, whether it’s a swimsuit, handbag, or car interior. We love turning your inspiration into reality, using hand drawn artwork, watercolors, and digital technology. The feel we’re after? Pretty, with a dash of je ne sais quoi.


Trend Research

We are based in San Francisco, one of the world’s most innovate cities and where new inventions in technology, environmentalism, and human rights are born every day. Our fingers are on the pulse of what’s going on, both near and far, enabling you to keep your eye on your customer. Through keen observation and involvement in our communities, we understanding the zeitgeist of our times and can communicate the latest in artistic direction to help your product stay on the mark as it evolves.


Original Artwork

We are inspired equally by organic forms and energetic cityscapes. Often times reflecting the language of abstract art, our creations speak to ideas that are familiar yet fresh, inspiring daily life.


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